Alaska by Snowboss

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These tours were made last summer, but were not flown by very many pilots.  The clients listed in the flights have already been flown, so before you fly them, contact me for new clients.  Actually if you have Tongass Fjords scenery, it is best to start in Tongass Fjords.  The Tongass Fjords Lighthouse Tours are posted in Dispatch under, Tongass Fjords Charters.  The clients that you take stay with you for all flights.  All flights have a flight plan and maps.  I put a lot of work into them, but I enjoyed every minute.

 Can be flown April 1st thru September 30
Misty Fjords 1.5, means it is a 1-hour & 30-minute flightseeing flight into Misty Fjords National Monument, with a lake landing.  This flight is designed for our Cessna 206, DHC-2 Beaver & Pilatus PC-6 floatplanes  Download Flight Plan & Maps
 Can be flown April 1st thru September 30
Ketchikan Harbor 0.5, means it is a 30-minute flightseeing tour of Ketchikan Harbor with a little extra.  This flight is designed for our Cessna 206, DHC-2 Beaver & Pilatus PC-6 floatplanes.  Cost of flight is in the flight plan.   Download Flight Plan & Map
 Posted 3/23/08
You will transporting 4-Punchbowl Lake Cabins employees to Punchbowl Lake to get the resort ready for summer guest.  There is a lot of work to get things ready for the summer.  Each person will have 50-pounds of gear, and figure 170# per passenger.  Air fare is $150.00 per person.  Pick them up at Ketchikan Airport.  Return to Ketchikan.  See flight below for directions & Info

Posted 3/23/08
You will need, Punchbowl Lake Cabins scenery from Misty Moorings for this flight.  Also, I suggest that you install, Eddystone Rock scenery from Misty Moorings.  This rock is a good checkpoint in the Behm Canal, and also for flightseeing trips.  Punchbowl Lake Airstrip (MM32), has a 1,200 foot rough grass runway.  There are 13 cabins, recreation building with dining room, and a storage shed.  This complex is located on a fairly large island in the lake, a very scenic place.  For this flight I recommend using the wheel Beaver and  PC-6 Porter.  This is for two flights, and you will be hauling 1,200-pounds of supplies each trip, as they are getting ready for early summer guest.  You can depart from either Ketchikan Airport (PAKT) or Totem Bight Strip (MMI2).
Punchbowl Cabins Complex, will be charged, $1,320 for each load.  Unload near the recreation building, it's close to runway.
Flight directions:  http://www.mistymoorings.com/charteroffice/tripticfolder/ticket_punchbowllake.php

Posted 3/23/08
This flight can be flown using default FS scenery, but you will not find anything there.  If you have Misty Fjords scenery, I recommend you install Yes Bay Lodge scenery from Misty Moorings.  You will be hauling 750# of food stuffs to the Yes Bay Lodge. Yes Bay Lodge will be billed a freight charge of $450.00.
Flight Plan...Depart Totem Bight or Ketchikan Harbor (5KE), and head northwest out the channel, then turn right around the point, and you will see a large island right in front of you.  This is, Betton Island, and has a 1,138 foot mountain peak on it.  Fly over center of the island, and then turn to a heading of 341 degrees, it is now 22-miles to the entrance of Yes Bay.  Yes Bay is a narrow bay about five miles long. Yes Bay Lodge, is about half way into the bay.  Details of lodge at, http://www.yesbay.com/

Posted 3/23/08
This is a Tongrass Natl. Forest Charter.  Thorne Bay is on the FS default scenery. You will be transporting Assistant District Ranger Susan Howell, and 725-pounds of freight (mostly foods stuffs), to Thorne Bay (KTB).  You will depart Ketchikan Harbor (5KE) at 1000.  Return to 5KE, or take R&R at Misty's Place.  Misty's Place is a crossed the bay from the village of Thorne Bay.
The Tongass National Forest will be charged, $485.00.  Susan works at the Thorne Bay Ranger Station.  Use Beaver on floats.

Posted 3/23/08
You will need to have Misty Lumber Company/Ruff-N-Tuff Mine #2, installed for this flight.  This is a float plane only flight.
Chuck Mills, owner of the Misty Lumber Company, and his Yard Foreman Wayne Brown, are in Ketchikan for a little R&R, and to pick up some supplies.  They are now ready to return back to the Misty Lumber Co., and they will met you at Ketchikan Harbor (5KE).  They have 550-pounds of supplies (mostly food stuff). 
Use Beaver on floats.
The Madison Lumber & Hardware Store in Ketchikan, has ordered 1,000-pounds of wood stove heating pellets, from the Misty Lumber Company.  You will load 25-bags of pellets, and each bag weighs 40-pounds, and return to Ketchikan Harbor.
Misty Lumber Company, is billed, $600.00, for the charter (5KE to Misty Lumber Co).
Madison Lumber & Hardware Store, is billed, $200.00 in freight charges for the wood pellets (Misty Lumber Co. to 5KE)
For Trip Ticket go to, http://www.mistymoorings.com/charteroffice/tripticfolder/ticket_mistylumber.php   (Use Treetop VFR Plan).

Posted 3/23/08
You will need the, Basic Scenery Package, for Misty Moorings, installed.  Included in this scenery is, Hunter Bay Cannery, Totem Bight Operations Center, and others.  For this flight, I would like you to start from Totem Bight Ops Center, located just a short ways northwest of Ketchikan Harbor (5KE).  This is a good flight for a Beaver on floats.  Use treetop VFR going.
We need to transport 14-employees of the Hunter Bay Cannery, Co., to the cannery in Hunter Bay.  They will be doing work to get the cannery ready for the fishing season.  They process herring at this plant.  Air fare is, $125.00 each person.
For Trip Ticket go to, http://www.mistymoorings.com/charteroffice/tripticfolder/ticket_hunterbaycan.php
Posted 3/23/08
You will be hauling 1500# of  food stuff, cleaning supplies, etc.  Pick up freight at the Totem Bight Operations Center, and deliver to the  Hunter Bay Cannery.  Hunter Bay Cannery Co. billed, $900.00.  Use C208 floatplane or Twin-Otter floats.
Posted 3/24/08
You will need the, Basic Scenery Package, for Misty Moorings, installed to have the fish hatchery.  For those that don't have Misty Fjords and the ones with FSX, can fly there, but you will only find a lake.  It is a very scenic area, and well worth the trip.  This is a floatplane only flight.  You will depart Ketchikan SPB or Totem Bight, and you will take ADF&G employees Tim McKinley and Dave Knudsen, to the hatchery.  You will pick up ADF&G employees Bruce Wallace & Ned Hamlin, and return them to Ketchikan, for a couple weeks off.   Departing Ketchikan, you will also have 350# of supplies.  Bruce &  Ned, have 175# gear on return Flt.
Total cost of charter, $1,035.00.  http://www.mistymoorings.com/charteroffice/tripticfolder/ticket_hughsmitharea.php

Posted 3/24/08
You will need  Misty Fjords installed, then install Sacs Cove scenery from Misty Moorings.  Once installed the AFCAD will read Saks Cove (SAKS).  This is floatplanes only.   This is a small fishing lodge owned by, Pete Zimowsky.  Generally there are only two clients at a time.  It is a high dollar lodge, but great fishing.  Pick up Pete at Ketchikan SPB or Totem Bight.  He has freight going also.  1-10hp outboard  boat motor (100#) 4-five gallon fuel cans (160#), and  500# foods stuff & gear.  Cost of flight, $632.00