Special Charter to the Pacific Region

TCA-Charter has been chartered by a company, which had a really good Year 2006. The bosses have decided to let the employees participate on the good result and to further motivate the employees by giving them the opportunity to travel through the Pacific Region and let them relax at different places.

It seems that this company has some good connections to the US Military, because we are cleared to land on Johnston Atoll during this trip.

It is announced that there will be 65 persons traveling with us in the aircraft and negotiations with the bosses of this company have resulted in taking large aircraft for these flights. This will introduce the new A340 Prestige for these flights! Parking space at Port Vila, Vanuatu, is limited and therefore a pushback truck will be delivered by Tradewind Logistic to Port Vila prior your arrival there by an AN-124.

You will depart Curaçao on February 9 and make a ferry flight to Victorville, California, to pick up the PAX.

February 10: Flight from Victorville to Nadi, Fiji Island,

February 13: Flight from Nadi to Port Vila, Vanuatu,

February 15: Flight from Port Vila to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands,

February 17: Flight from Saipan to Tahiti,

February 20: Flight from Tahiti to Johnston Atoll,

February 22: Flight from Johnston Atoll to John Rogers Field, former Barbers Point NAS

February 25: Flight from Hawaii to Victorville

February 26: Flight back home to Curaçao.

Get the detailed Pilots Briefing here: grab it!


Best regards, enjoy your flights,

Christian Breuer


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