Genesis - Turn it on again tour 2007 North-America

TCA-Charter has succeeded in a competition with other charter companies to fly Genesis from concert to concert during their 'Turn it on again-Tour' in North-America. It is also most likely that we will have to fly VIP's from various destinations to the concerts. These flights will be serviced with the 2 Learjet 60 'Mary Read' and 'Anne Bonnie'. The two Learjets are put on stand-by status during the whole tour near the locations of the concerts. The band itself will travel with one of our A319CJ's on two flights and all other flights we will use the Socata TBM700A. Genesis will start in Toronto on Septmber 5 and 7 and continue on...

September 8 Buffalo

September 9 Pittsburgh

September 11 Boston

September 12 Albany

September 14 Montreal

September 15 Ottawa

September 16 Hartfort

September 18-20 Philadelphia

September 22 Columbus

September 23 Washington

September 25 New York

September 27 East Rutherford

September 29 Cleveland

September 30 Detroit

October 2-4 Chicago

October 6 Denver

October 9 San Jose

October 10 Sacramento

October 12-13 Los Angeles

On two flights the stage equipment will be transferred by Tradewind Logistic using our big AN-124 aircraft. These will be the flights from Chicago to Denver and Denver to San Jose. You will use the same routing as for the A319CJ flights.

There is a ferry flight available for pilots that want to continue with the Socata. This is flight TR7620 and you will be flying the Socata from Chicago to San Jose via Scottsbluff (KBFF), Nebraska, which is almost half way.

Download the full flight information here