to Brazil, South Africa, Namibia and Cape Verde

Updated April 7 2007


bring to you a wonderful Charter


You will fly Dave Cavert and his lovely wife Lynn along with their kids Lisa and Brian first to Rio de Janeiro, where Dave Cavert will have a business meeting.

After business is done, they will continue on to Capetown, South Africa. Here they will stay a few days until youwill fly them to Kimberley, where they will visit The Big Hole, The Kimberley Mine - Kimberley Mine Museum. http://www.showcaves.com/english/za/mines/Kimberley.html

Leaving Kimberley, you will fly the Cavert's to Windhoek, Namibia, but you will therefore fly over the Victoria Falls near Livingstone. Make a low pass over the falls to give your passengers a good view! Permission is granted by the officials to fly low.

Enjoy the stay in Windhoek: http://www.midcoast.com/~alanf64/wind.html

You will then continue on via the Cape Verde Islands, where the Cavert's will stay for one day, before you will head back home to Miami.

You will take the A319CJ (PJ-ACJ or C6-BCJ) for these flights.

Make a ferry flight from wherever your aircraft is located at the moment to Miami Intl. Airport and report this flight via Line 0000.

The Schedule (FS Times):


April 16
April 19
April 23
April 25
April 29
May 1

Get the detailed information of these flights including flight numbers and times here

Scenries for FS2004:

For all sceneries regarding South Africa and the Victoria Falls go here

Scenery of Sal Airport, Cape Verde here

Windhoek Airport: It was released by Springbok Virtual

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I would like to thank Rainer Labie, founder of TCA, and Jack Ford, Fleet manager of Tradewind Caribbean for their support.

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