Outsized Cargo flights for AN-124

last updated: June 29, 2008

In February 2007 we will start with regularly AN-124 Cargo Operations, with frequent updates throughout the coming time. The AN-124 homebase will be Hato Airport on Curaçao Island, Netherlands Antilles. You will depart there and will receive your orders (cargo and new destinations) via this webpage. In most cases the flight planning is totally up to the pilots regarding the routings, but not the date of delivery! So stay tuned and await your orders...

June 08


August 07
TL0820-07 LFPO-EDDS: Ferry flight
TL0821-07 EDDS-VGZR: Delivery of two water purification systems WTC 6000 and two bottling/packaging WBP 700 systems for water purification after the flooding in the region of Bangladesh. Deliver as soon as possible!
TL0822-07 VGZR-VHHH: Ferry flight
TL0823-07 VHHH-SPIM: Relief goods like tents, blankets and food for the earthquake victims in Peru. Expect a load of ~ 95 tons.
TL0824-07 SPIM-TNCC: Ferry flight back home


July 07
TL0720-07 OMDB-FEFF: Radar Equipment, Radio Communications Equipment
TL0721-07 FEFF-DNMM: Ferry flight

TL0722-07 DNMM-LPAZ: Long wood, clothing

TL0723-07 LPAZ-EDFH: Ferry flight
TL0724-07 EDFH-KSLC: Fire retardant ~ 120 tons. URGENT flight!
TL0725-07 KSLC-KOSH: Ferry flight. Fly the AN-124 to the EAA Convention at Oshkosh. The aircraft will be put on static display during the Convention. When the Convention is over take the five Helicopters, that flew there on their own via Great Britain, Island and Greenland to the US back to Paris (see flight TL0726-07). The EAA takes splace this Year from July 23 to July 29.
TL0726-07 KOSH-LFPO: Fly the 5 helicopters back to Paris (see flight above).


June 07
TL0620-07 TNCC-SBRF: 65 tons bulk cargo (dry) of different types.
TL0621-07 SBRF-GMME: 4 Water tanks (empty), dims: L: 51.7 ft. H: 9.5 ft, W: 9.5 ft., weight app. 38630 lbs each! Take a short rest at Rabat at the Hilton Hotel
TL0622-07 GMME-EGNX: Ferry flight. Sorry for only a short stay at the Hilton. <G>
TL0623-07 EGNX-KPAE: The first two Trent 1000 engines for the new B787 Dreamliner are ready for shipment to the Boeing plant at Everett. (Original flight was scheduled on June 7)
TL0624-07 KPAE-KDMA: Ferry flight.
TL0625-07 KDMA-PANC: Spare pats from used C-130 aircraft stored at AMARC for Lynden Air Cargo L-382 aircraft including large parts such as wings, tail fins and engines. App. 75 tons of weight.
TL0625-07 PANC-RPVM: Industrial Exhaust systems. Weight: ~ 95 tons
TL0626-07 RPVM-ZGGG: Ferry flight. Scenery for New Baiyun Airport is available here (FS9)
TL0627-07 ZGGG-OMDB: Computer electronics, office equipment, table ware


May 2007
TL0520-07 KBOS-KJAX: Ferry flight
TL0521-07 KJAX-OAMS: Caterpillar products: 1 PM-201 Cold Planer, 1 BG-2455C Asphalt Paver
TL0522-07 OAMS-ETSI: 1 PANAVIA Tornado ECR. Front gear collapsed on landing on April 28 and the aircraft should be airlifted to Inglstadt-Manching for repair.
TL0523-07 ETSI-KLGA: CT machines SAMATOM Sensation from Siemens
TL0524-07 KLGA-KDFW: Ferry flight
TL0525-07 KDFW-TNCC: CFM 56 spare engine for American Airlines B737-800 which has an engine failure on arrival to Curaçao and the engine has to be changed. BTW: Welcome home again!


April 2007
TL0420-07 TNCC-KMIA: Ferry flight, starting a new round in our travel
TL0421-07 KMIA-GOOY: Miami Intl. Airport offered an used pushback truck for Dakar Airport, which they will use to handle aircrafts like the DC-10 and B747. The pushback truck has about the same dimensions and weight as the one we flew last month from Oakland, via Port Vila to Guam. Specifications: here
TL0422-07 GOOY-FTTJ: Road construction machineries ~ 58 tons
TL0423-07 FTTJ-EDDS: Ferry flight URGENT
TL0424-07 EDDS-AGGH: Urgent flight! Delivery of two water purification systems WTC 6000 and two bottling/packaging WBP 700 systems for water purification after the earthquake on Solomon Island. Deliver as soon as possible.
TL0425-07 AGGH-AYPY: Ferry flight
TL0426-07 AYPY-EDFH: Coffee ~ 95 tons
TL0427-07 EDFH-EDDH: Ferry flight
TL0428-07 EDDH-KBOS: 2 REpower Systems MM70 wind turbines


March 2007
TL0320-07 FQMA-HKMO: Ferry flight
TL0321-07 HKMO-HEPS: 75 ton excavator
TL0322-07 HEPS-OJAI: Ferry flight
TL0323-07 OJAI-OTBD: 2x50 ton generators. Have to be deliverd until March 21 (Sim time)

TL0324-07 OTBD-RKSI: Containerized Cargo (General Goods)app. 82 tons

TL0325-07 RKSI-PANC: KIA SUV & MPV (45 cars) http://www.kia.com/
TL0326-07 PANC-TNCC: Bell 412 Helicopter, was used during the Iditarod Dog Sled Race on loan by Tradewind Helicopters to Tradwind Alaska. Has to be returned home, not before March 26! First round trip closed, congratulations!


February 2007

TL0220-07 TNCC-KOAK: Ferry flight
TL0221-07 KOAK-NVVV-NFFN: Support of Pacific Region Charter! Deliver a pushback truck to Bauerfield Airport, Vanuatu not later than February 12! Continue empty to Nadi Airport, Fiji Island, to clear the ramp at Bauerfield.
TL0222-07 NFFN-NVVV-PGUM: Ferry flight to Bauerfield on February 16, pick up the pushback truck and deliver it to Guam Intl. Airport.
TL0223-07 PGUM-YBBN: There are 4 Bell 205 helicopters for deliver to Brisbane.
TL0224-07 YBBN-YSSY: Ferry flight to Sydney.
TL0225-07 YSSY-KLAX: Transport of 4 Yachts of Sydney Yachts 47 to Los Angeles.
TL0226-07 KLAX-SBPA: Used broadcast vehicles for TV broadcasting.
TL0227-07 SBPA-VIDP: Cargo lease, bulk cargo app. 75 tons weight
TL0228-07 VIDP-FQMA: General goods/Relief goods 120 tons weight!