November 2023


New Bight MYCB, Bahamas


San Salvador MYSM, Bahamas


Maiquetia SVMI, Venezuela

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:


Welcome to the Cargo Dispatch for November, which means the end of 2023 is very near, but there is still some work, aka. flying, to do. So, we will continue through the Islands of the Bahamas and will depart from Eleuthera and first fly to Arthur's town on Cat Island. From there we will fly via Black Point (Exuma), New Bight (Cat Island), San Salvador, and Rum Cay to the final destination for November to Stella Maris (Long Island).

The International Cargo Dispatch will depart from San Juan and will go to Campinas, Brazil, first. On this flight you will be carrying some fresh fish. The next destination will be Douala, Cameroon, and there will be only some general cargo. Then it will go up further to the North, as you will fly once more to Paris, with a load of cocoa butter and bananas. From Paris you will cross the pond and fly to Chicago with a load of packed medicaments and wine. The last two flights will go to Bogota first and the final flight will take you to Maiquetia, Venezuela. On both of these flights you will be carrying general cargo.

I hope you once more enjoyed these flights and I hope to see back for the final Cargo Dispatch for 2023 in December.

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Have fun and stay safe!