April 2021


Zurich LSZH, Switzerland


Bangkok VTBD, Thailand


Lima SPJC, Peru

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the April Cargo Dispatch.

And once again we will begin with the Mail Dispatch and we will still continue our tour through Colombia. You will leave Florencia and first fly to Pasto and thereafter via Puerto Asis, Puerto Leguizamo, Mitu, and Puerto Inirida to Marandua.

The Intercontinental Cargo Dispatch will depart from Bermuda and first head over to Zurich, Switzerland, with a load of sails and tents. From zurich you will fly a load of cheese and transmissions to Bangkok, Thailand. I don't know when we last have been to Douala, Cameroon, but they await a load of rice from Thailand, so it will beour pleasure to deliver it. From Douala you will haul a load of cocoa beens and bananas to Hamburg, Germany. The following flight will take you with a load of mini excavators and packed medicaments to Lima, Peru. The final flight will take you to Dallas-Fort Worth, USA, with a load of fresh fruits.

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Have fun and stay safe!