August 2018

Lousiville KSDF, USA

Leipzig-Halle EDDP, Germany

Hong Kong VHHH, Hong Kong SAR

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the August Cargo Dispatch. As always we will start with the Mail Dispatch and this will take you from the Dominican via Haiti to Jamaica. You will leave Barahona and fly to Port-au-Prince first, followed by Cap Haitien and then over to Jeremie. Then you will hop over to Jamaica starting with Kingston, followed by Ocho Rios and finally to Montego Bay.

The international Cargo Dispatch will take you from Curaçao to Louisville, Kentucky, USA. From there you will fly to Leipzig-Halle, Germany. Next will be Hong Kong, followed by Istanbul, Turkey. Then it is already tme to gt closer back home as you will fly to Atlanta and finally end at Fort-de-France on Martinique. On all of these flights we will only carry General Cargo due to the layout of these flights/destinations.

I hope you enjoyed these flights once more. Hope to see you all again next month.

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Have fun.