July 2020


The Valley TQPF, Anguilla


Frankfurt-Hahn EDFH, Germany


Vancouver CYVR, Canada

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the July Cargo Dispatch. We are getting more and more back to normal operations with some real cargo dispatches this month. But first lets start with the Mail Dispatch around the Caribbean. You will leave Roadtown and fly to The Valley, Anguilla, followed by St. Maarten, St. Barthelemy, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and eventually end your Mail Dispatch at St. Johns, Antigua.

The International Cargo Dispatch will depart Aguadilla and head to Frankfurt-Hahn, Germany, with some general cargo. From Frankfurt-Hahn you will be flying to Baku, Azerbaijan with a load of water pumps. Your next destination will be Antanarivo, Madagascar, and you will be delivering packing bags. A load of cocoa beans then will be bound for Manila, Philippines. From Manila you will be flying over the Pacific and land at Vancouver with a load of vanilla. Don't forget to take some deep breaths. Your final flight with some more general cargo will take you back to the Caribbean and in this case your destination will be once more Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe.

I hope you enjoyed these flights once more.

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Have fun.