January 2022


San Pedro Sula MHLM, Honduras


Sharjah OMSJ, United Arab Emirates


Antananarivo FMMI, Madagascar

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Happy New Year 2022! And welcome to another Cargo Dispatch and as always we will start with the Mail Dispatch.

The Mail Dispatch departs Valle and will leave for Tegucigalpa, followed by La Union and San Pedro Sula all of them are obviously still belong to Honduras. After San Pedro Sula you will enter the country of Belize with Placencia as first destination and Belize City as last destination on the first Mail Dispatch for 2022.

The Intercontinental Cargo Dispatch will take you from Santo Domingo to Seattle with a load of rolled tobacco and bananas. Well, to be honest, the next flight seems to be rather urgent as Japan runs out of potatoes forcing McDonalds in Japan to ration french fries to their customers recently. So a full load of potatoes need to be delivered to Tokyo asap. From Tokyo you will fly to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with a shipment of industrial printers. A load of medical supplies will go from Sharjah to Antanarivo, Madagascar. On the next flight you will be hauling clothing, which is bound for Barcelona, Spain. The final flight for January will go back into the Caribbean with Pointe-a-Pitre,Guadeloupe, being the last destination once more. On this flight you will be hauling fish products.

That's it for the first Cargo Dispatch in 2022 so far, Lets see what February has to offer for us then...

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Have fun and stay safe!