November 2022


Windhoek FYWH, Namibia


Seoul RKSI, Korea


Faaa NTAA, Tahiti

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the November Cargo Dispatch.

We still continue with the Mail Dispatch through Texas, but finally will move on to Louisiana. You will be departing Wharton and fly via Galveston, Baytown, Beaumont, Lake Charles, Lafayette to Patterson.

The Intercontinental Cargo Dispatch will first head form Santo Domingo to Dusseldorf, Germany, with a load of bananas. In Dusseldorf you will load tools that are bound for Windhoek, Namibia. From Windhoek you will fly with frozen fish to Seoul, Korea. Your next destination will be Sydney, Australia, and they await the delivery of car parts. From Sydney you will fly to Faaa, Tahiti, and deliver some general cargo. The final flight takes you from Faaa back to Bridgetown, Barbados, with another load of frozen fish.

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Have fun and stay safe!