February 2021


Budapest LHBP, Hungary


East Midlands EGNX, United Kingdom


Nassau MYNN, The Bahamas

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome back for another Cargo Dispatch for February.

The Mail Dispatch will continue its route through Colombiathi month and eventually will do so in March as well - we'll see. But first here are the destinations for February. You will leave Palanquero and fly to Mariquita and then continue via Manizales, Ibague, Cartago and Girardot to Bogota.

The Intercontinental Cargo Dispatch will fly out of Pointe-A-Pitre to Budapest, Hungary, with a load of sugar. From budapest you will fly to Capetown, South Africa, and deliver a full load of toilet paper - don't ask any questions... From Capetown it will go back with a load of fine South African wine to East Midlands, United Kingdom. The next destination is Doha, Qatar, and they will receive some gas turbines. From Doha it will only be General Cargo bound for Frankfurt/Hahn, Germany. The final flight will take you to Nassau, The Bahamas, with a combined load of cars and packaged medicaments. It has been a long time since we last have been to Nassau with the big irons, so it was about time.

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Have fun and stay safe!