June 2019

Fredericksburg KEZF, USA

Washington KDCA, USA

Atlantic City KACY, USA

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the June Cargo Dispatch.

This month the Mail Dispatch will take you further up the US East coast. You will leave Manteo and fly via Norfolk, Wallops Island, Fredericksburg, Washington, Baltimore/Washington to Atlantic City.

The International Cargo Dispatch will take you from New Orleans to Cairo, Egypt. You will be hauling ceramic electrical insulators on this flight. From Egypt you will be flying to Bangalore, India, with a load of camels. Then a load of pharmaceuticals will go to Singapore. Thereafter the journey will take you to Tokyo, Japan, with a load of general cargo. Next stop will be in Fairbanks, Alaska, and on this flight you will be carrying a load of vegetables and fruits. The final flight will take you to Miami with another load of general cargo.

I hope you enjoyed these flights once more.

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Have fun.