July 2018

Higuey MDPC, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata MDPP, Dominican Republic

Stockholm ESSA, Sweden

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the July Cargo Dispatch. The Mail Dispatch will leave Puerto Rico to the West and you will fly to soem destinations in the Dominican Republic, starting with Higuey, better known as Punta Cana. From there you will fly to La Romana, Santo Domingo, Santiago and finally Puerto Plata. So you will visit some of the nice tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic.

The international Cargo Dispatch will leave Miami with a load of motorcycles bound for Lima Peru. The former airport code has changed now from SPIM to SPJC, but the airport is still the same. From Lima you will fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a load of clothing. From Brazil you will fly to Dakar with some oil drilling equipment. Dakars new airport is now GOBD (Blaise Diagne Intl.). But you can still fly to the old GOOY airport if you prefer to do so. It will be shown in the OFR anyway, regardless which airport you use. Your next destination will be Stockholm and you will haul some general cargo on this flight. Next flight will go from Stockholm to Seattle with some Scania yacht engines. The final flight for July will take you to our homebase on Curaçao. Welcome home!

I hope you enjoyed these flights once more. Hope to see you all again next month.

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Have fun.