November 2019

Munich EDDM, Germany

Guangzhou ZGGG, China

Sydney YSSY, Australia

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

A very warm welcome to the November Cargo Dispatch fellow pilots.

As for the Mail Dispatch this month we will have the following destinations on the board: You will be leaving Augusta for Dublin, Georgia, USA, not Dublin, Ireland ;-) From there you will be flying to Hazlehurst, Alma, Homerville, Thomasville and finally end up in Tallahassee. Well, we are back to Florida by then.

The international Cargo Dispatch will depart Cancun with a load of corn seeds bound for Buenos Aires. From there you will fly peanuts to Munich, Germany. A load of cars and car spare parts will go from Munich to Guangzhou, China, where in exchange you will be flying knives to Sydney, Australia. You then will be flying a load of sheep meat straight to San Francisco, USA, and the final flight will take you to San Juan with a nice load of Californian wine. Only one more Cargo Dispatch and another year will be over. Wow, time flew by rather quickly once more...

I hope you enjoyed these flights once more.

FS9 users can have a look here for sceneries.

If you are using FSX you can have a look at sceneries here.

Have fun.