March 2019

Jacksonville (Cecil) KVQQ, USA

Munich EDDM, Germany

Taipei RCTP, Taiwan

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Welcome to the March Cargo Dispatch.

The Mail Dispatch will take you from Nassau back to Florida. First you will fly to Fort Pierce and then continue on via Okeechobee, Bartow, Ocala, Jacksonville (Cecil) to Jacksonville Intl. Airport.

The international Cargo Dispatch will take you from Martinique first to Munich, Germany, with a load of bananas and flowers. From Germany you will fly to Saint Denis, Reunion, with some nice cars. Next destination will be Taipei, Taiwan, with a load of lychee seedlings. The next flight will take you to Nagasaki, Japan, with some general cargo this time. From Nagasaki you will carry ceramic products to Portland, USA. The final flight will take you from Portland to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, with a load of sportswear. If you are looking for a scenery for Aguadilla you will not find the great scenery that I use, as the link is dead right now. So I've uploaded it to my site and it can be downloaded from there. It is ready for P3Dv4 and configured therefore. You only may want to edit the add-on.xml to your needs in case you don't want to put it onto your C drive. It can be done rather easily. You can also disable the static aircrafts if you wish so by renaming the file from .bgl to .off or something you prefer. Here is the link:

FS9 users can have a look here for sceneries.

If you are using FSX you can have a look at sceneries here.

Have fun.