January 2021


Liege EBLG, Belgium


Windhoek FYWH, Namibia


Campinas SBKP, Brazil

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Additional Information about some destinations and/or cargo:

Happy New Year everybody. Hopefully this new year will treat us better than last year.

And now let's get back to business and brief you guys on the Mail and Cargo Dispatch for January 2021.

The Mail Dispatch still continues through Colombia. You will leave Monteria for Montelibano first, followed by Carepa, El Bagre, Barrancabbermeja, Meddelin and finally land at Palanquero.

The Intercontinental Cargo Dispatch will depart Barbados and first head to Seattle with a load of liquor. From Seattle you will cross the Pacific Ocean and fly to Manila, Philippines, with a load of integrated circuits. Next destination will be Paris, France, and you will be hauling office machine parts. A huge load of trunks and cases will go to Singapore. Now you will fly back to France, but land at Basle-Mulhouse, with a load of general cargo. Another load of general cargo will go to Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe, your final destination.

I hope you enjoyed this first set of flights for 2021, and i hope to see you all back for the February Dispatch.

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Have fun and stay safe!